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Would you like to strengthen and tone your whole body?

Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and calm your mind with Pilates

Pilates is especially good for strengthening and toning all the muscles of the body; in particular developing core strength which is the group of stabilising muscles that support the body. The pelvic floor, stomach and waist will be especially improved and toned (ideal for anyone who has given birth) and back muscles are strengthened to cure achey backs and prevent injury from everyday activities such as lifting or carrying. The body will have a slimmer,streamlined appearance after regular practice due to improved posture and toning of the muscles.

Dynamic Relief For Wounded Minds And Bodies

Pilates has been around since the middle of the last century and came into being when Joseph Pilates developed the technique that bears his name. Convinced that physical and mental health are inter-related, he wanted to devise a programme of fitness training that exercised both the body and mind using a regime that was sufficiently flexible to accommodate men and women of any age or fitness level.

To borrow a phrase from an old song, it’s a thoroughly modern world we live in today. With all its comings and goings, hustle and bustle, life can often be demanding, exciting and challenging in a whole host of ways. But there is a downside, too. Trying to keep steady nerves and equilibrium on the daily rollercoaster of life can be an enervating business, fraught with anxiety, fears and uncertainties, a relentless devil’s broth that can, over time, lead to a state of complete physical and mental exhaustion. You’ve almost certainly experienced some of the syndrome’s unwelcome blessings at some time or other: frequent stress headaches, muscles tightened up so much that your whole body feels like a coiled spring, irritable and angry, insomniac... not a nice way to go through life, is it? And if this comes anywhere near to describing the way you think and feel most or all of the time, then you need to seriously consider seeking help. That’s because nobody, not even the strongest among us, should be expected to ‘soldier on’ in the midst of such debilitating circumstances.

Pilates offers a tried and tested way to help you de-stress, clear your mind, relax and come back down to earth – not with a bump, but with a soft and tranquil landing. By far the best way to find out if Pilates can help you is to find a really good teacher. As a member of the Pilates Institute, Nikki Middlemass is qualified at the highest level to teach the method, having studied for and attained the Central YMCA Qualification in Anatomy & Physiology Level 3. Today she holds classes at two venues, with the majority of clients usually coming from the northwest boroughs, plus Harrow and Stanmore. She will also teach on a one-to-one basis in clients’ homes on request. Nikki believes in taking a friendly, caring approach with a particular emphasis on relaxation to let Pilates work its real magic: the simultaneous de-stressing of the mind and toning/strengthening of all the muscle groups. The balance and co-ordination of the body are greatly improved.

As she herself attests: “I was drawn to Pilates initially because it helped me enormously with my own problems. Now, with the benefit of the Institute’s excellent training plus ten years’ experience in the field, I feel I am able to teach clients how to completely relax their bodies and calm their minds in order to bring stress levels down so that they can cope with everyday life. I also ensure that each person exercises sensibly, working the low impact exercises according to their own ability, all the while correcting their own specific postural issues and muscle imbalances.

“The price for an individual ‘drop in’ session is £12.00, but pre-booking for a block of six classes attracts a 25% discount and that works out at £54.00 all in. I think that represents real value for money.”

If you think you’ve suffered enough and want to take that first step towards turning your life around, why not get in touch with Nikki. Once you explain what your problems are, she’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action and recommend remedial treatment suitable for you. Remember: you’ll be in good company. Many thousands of people have benefited from Pilates in the past and simply swear by it. Why not join them?

Class Times & Locations

(Class Duration 55 minutes and 45 minutes beginners only class)

Thursday Mornings at 10.15am & 11.30am

Bernays Memorial Hall
25 The Broadway

Next to Sainsburys, where there is free parking

Tuesday Evenings at 7.00pm & 8.00pm

St Joseph's School
Dobbin Close (off Belmont Circle, Kenton Lane)

Parking in school carpark & surrounding roads


Block of 6 classes: £54.00

Drop in price for those who are unable to commit to a block: £12.00 per class

1st Class come and try for: £9.00 no obligation

Contact us for more information.